Maud Spooner to her mother Frona Spooner, c. 1881

No longer the baby who delighted her parents in earlier letters, Maud Spooner writes to her mother from Boston, where she has been visiting various female friends and shopping. She seems overflowing with joy, and consults her mother on various social plans as well as asking her to send some winter clothes. This letter is undated; we estimate it was written in 1881, when Maud was 21. 

Boston, Mass
#415. Beacon St.

Dear Mamma,

I came down here this morning, & met Sally. Susy & I have been shopping all day & I have been round to every store for patterns & I send you one or two. Met Mrs. Frank Russell in town & she was very anxious for me to come & visit Maurie. She says I can come anytime & stay as long as I like. I shall go for a few days, & when do you think would be the best time? 

I would give anything for if I had worn my Winter suit & must have it, for every one in Boston wears Winter things now & my Winter suit is much better looking than any of my others. & now how can you get it to me? My green dress, coat, & green hat I must have next week, & could they be sent by express, or how? 

I am delighted at the idea of going to Maurie’s. They live just out of Boston. Five min. ride. & we shall have glorious fun. I don’t know whether I shall go next week or week after next. Aunt Em’s boarders are going to stay a week longer or so, & I think I may go out to Auntie Etta’s next Sat. to spend Sunday & then from there go to Maurie’s on Mon. Oct. 24. What do you think of that? Shall I take my trunk? 

I am spending to-night with Susy’s sister Mrs. Read. It is the most elegant house I ever have been in, & our dinner at six was exquisitly delicious. It’s a lark staying here. 

I think I can get the plain part of my dress for .75 cts. a yd. & I shall get some striped goods to trim with. Stripes are very fashionable. I would like a little more money before I go to Maurie’s for I may have some unforseen expenses. 

The patterns I send from Jordons are the prettyest I saw excepting one striped piece at Hogg, Brown &c &. I don’t remember the price of that, but it’s within my means. But send a scrap of it & do you think it would be pretty? I like it very much, & I could get a plain goods to match the dark shade in it. 

Please send me a letter Mon. telling how you like the patterns, how you are going to send my suit, &c. Mrs. Russell said Maurie was going to write for me to come & visit her. She’ll be a good hand to help me about buying my dress & I shall not get it until I go there. When do you think I’d better go there? &c.

In haste & with love

I never was having such fun before.

Esther Spooner to her father Ephraim Spooner, June 11 1871 <