PAS Welcomes Vernacular Architecture Forum

On Friday, May 19, the 1809 Hedge House and the 1749 Spooner House will be open to members of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, who will be in Plymouth for their annual conference. We are looking forward to welcoming them to our historic houses and learning from them as they examine architectural features and consider historic uses.

If you would like to volunteer during this special opening, please email or call 508-746-0012.

About the Vernacular Architecture Forum (VAF)

The Vernacular Architecture Forum is the premier organization in North America studying ordinary buildings and landscapes. It was established in 1979 to promote appreciation and scholarship of vernacular structures. VAF is an interdisciplinary organization composed of scholars from many fields, including history, architectural history, geography, anthropology, sociology, landscape history, historic preservation, and material culture studies.

About the VAF Conference

VAF hosts an annual conference to share scholarship, hold board and committee meetings, and learn first-hand about the conference location through tours of its architectural and landscape heritage. 

An estimated 250 VAF members will attend this year’s conference in Plymouth. For more information on the event, visit