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Family-Friendly Activities for Summer 2020

Looking for something to do this summer? Explore Plymouth’s history and try hands-on crafts with the Plymouth Antiquarian Society! Once a week from July 20th to August 17th we will release a fun activity for young history lovers (ages 8 to 12) to complete at home. 

Downloadable resources and instructional videos will be added to this webpage according to the schedule below. Once they are released, the activities will remain available for the whole summer, allowing families to complete each one on their own time.

Students who complete all five activities and submit their checklist by August 31st will receive a complimentary membership in the Jr. Antiquarian Society, which promotes continued engagement with local history. Download the checklist here.

The activities for weeks 2, 3, and 5 require take-home kits with project supplies. These kits are free but must be reserved in advance and picked up at the Hedge House Museum. Pickups will be coordinated by PAS staff as activities are released; all COVID-19 safety protocols must be observed during pickups. There is a limit of one kit per family.


To sign up for program announcements and to reserve your take-home kits, click here.

Stay Connected

All program announcements will be emailed to families who have registered for the program. If you would like to connect with other program participants, we invite you to join Plymouth History Explorers on Facebook. This is a private group; only members will be able to see who’s in the group and what they post. Feel free to use this space for sharing pictures of completed activities, asking questions, and connecting with other history lovers.


Week 1: Explore Plymouth’s Past 

Explore Plymouth's Past

Download our map and visit eight “hidden” sites that introduce you to history beyond the Pilgrims. Take a selfie at one (or more!) of the sites and share something you learned on your road trip. Due to Plymouth’s size, we recommend exploring sites 1-4 and 5-8 on separate days. You’ll find free parking at all of these sites, but some of the lots have limited space. Please follow all state and local COVID-19 guidelines while exploring.

Click here for our printable PDF.

To estimate driving distances via Google Maps, click here.

Most of the sites have interpretive signs that will provide historical background for your visit. The links below offer additional information for some of the sites.

Week 2: Learn How to Use a Lucet

A lucet is a simple tool used for centuries to make a square braid or cord. In 17th-century America, colonists used lucets to create drawstrings for their clothing and for many other purposes, both inside and outside the home. The lucet can also be used for making decorative trim or other fine items.

Register in advance for a free take-home kit with project supplies, including a wooden lucet and two types of thread. (The size of the thread will determine the size of the cord.) A lucet is a great tool for making a friendship bracelet this summer, but get creative and experiment with other uses. 

Click here for a printable PDF with instructions for how to use a lucet (includes both right-handed and left-handed instructions).

How to Use a Lucet

Click here for tips on using your lucet.

Lucet Tips

PAS Docent Barbara Keyes demonstrates using a lucet in the video below.

Week 3: Experiment with Natural Dyes

Try dyeing fabric with common plant-based ingredients from your home and garden. Keep a record of the colors you create. Register in advance for a free take-home kit with samples of fibers to dye.

NOTE: This is an activity that should only be done with close adult supervision. It involves working with simmering water on a stovetop.

Click here for a printable PDF with supply list and instructions.

Natural Dyeing

Click here for a printable worksheet for logging your experiments!


PAS volunteer Janet Meade reviews the steps for making and using natural dyes.

Week 4: Explore Plymouth’s Historic Center

Download our clue sheet and go downtown on a scavenger hunt. To be released on August 10.

Week 5: Learn How to Weave

Practice weaving on a mini cardboard loom. Register in advance for free take-home kit with project supplies. To be released on August 17.