Rose T. Briggs Memorial Garden

After moving the Hedge House to its current location on Water Street in 1924, the early Antiquarians began a number of landscaping projects to improve the site. They created a beautiful Colonial Revival garden on the southwest side of the house. In 2010 the Society embarked on a major project to resolve drainage issues that were undermining the historic house and rebuild the garden.

Dedicated in 2013, the Rose T. Briggs Memorial Garden is named in memory of one of Plymouth’s most extraordinary 20th-century residents, Rose Thornton Briggs. Her knowledge of Plymouth history and the social and material culture of early New England was legendary. She believed that “people should understand history not as words printed on a page, but as real times that affected real people.” A visionary in the field of museum education, she created innovative hands-on programs and developed significant collections for Plymouth’s leading historical organizations. Remarkably, she held dual positions at the Pilgrim Society and the Antiquarian Society for many years. In addition to her historical pursuits, Rose Briggs also served notably as a Red Cross ambulance driver in WWI, a wartime riveter at the Fore River Shipyard, and an organizer of the annual Pilgrim Progress in Plymouth, beginning with first reenactment held for the 1920 Tercentenary Celebration. The Garden is an enduring tribute to her passion for Plymouth history.

Today the Garden is used for special events, like the Antiquarian Society’s popular Jane Austen Teas, and for private functions. It is the perfect venue for a small wedding ceremony or summertime party. For information on using this space, contact Executive Director Anne Mason (