Activities for Kids

Plymouth History Explorers

Once a week from July 20 to August 17, 2020 we released a fun (and free!) activity for young history lovers (ages 8 to 12) to complete at home. Click here for more information.

Gravestone Iconography Scavenger Hunt

Historic cemeteries are open-air museums! Explore the artwork of gravestone carvings using the scavenger hunt below (click here to download a printable PDF). An overview of their symbolism is available in a five-part video series on our Burial Hill page.

Gravestone Iconography Scavenger Hunt

Coloring Pages

Introduce your young history lover to our three historic houses through these coloring pages, created by PAS member Gerard Donelan.

Harlow House

Spooner House

Hedge House

Click the links below to open a printable PDF for each house:

Harlow House 1677

Spooner House 1749

Hedge House 1809

Reproduction permitted for educational purposes only.

Paper Doll

Meet Hannah Harlow! Born on October 28, 1666, she was the daughter of William Harlow and his third wife, Mary (Shelley) Harlow. Hannah was 11 years old when her father built their family home on Sandwich Street, now the Harlow House Museum. Color and cut out Hannah’s costumes for hours of make-believe fun.

Hannah Harlow

Click this link to open a printable PDF: Hannah Harlow

Learn about 17th-century clothing from our friends at Plimoth Plantation by visiting here.

Designed by Jane Baker and updated by Gerard Donelan; reproduction permitted for educational purposes only.